Ulasan Horizon Chase 2 Game New iOS 2024

Mobile gaming has come a long way in the past couple of decades. Gone are the days of playing Snake on our Nokias or Boxxle on our Blackberries. We now live in an era where we have access to full-blown games like Final Fantasy VII on a device that fits in our back pocket. I’m constantly amazed by the leaps in technology when it comes to gaming on the go. Horizon Chase 2 from developer Aquiris Game Studio is more than “a good game on slot deposit qris mobile”. It’s a good game, period. The quality extends beyond gameplay as well, with no predatory micro transactions anywhere to be seen.

Arcade Goodness
Horizon Chase 2 is an arcade racer exclusive to Apple Arcade on iOS. Upon starting my first race, I was immediately taken back to my time playing Cruisin’ USA in the arcades (as well as later on Nintendo 64). The gameplay and graphics here are obviously much more crisp than they were back in 1994, however. But it definitely recaptures the magic of that title and then some.

Others may be more experienced with playing racers on their phones, but this was new territory for me. So bear with me if it sounds like I’m over-explaining the controls. You’ll hold your device in landscape mode, for starters. Your gas pedal in on the bottom right hand corner, which is pressed with your thumb. There’s actually no brake button, however. To slow down around corners, you simply release the gas, and the brake is automatically applied. Your left thumb steers your vehicle as well as activates your boost, which is slightly higher on the screen than your steering wheel.

Everything feels great, and each race is a lot of fun. That coupled with the vibrant colors and thumping soundtrack make for a great little racer. My only issue is how close the boost is to the steering controls. On more than one occasion, I accidentally wasted a boost when all I was trying to do is turn. This situasi sulit could easily be mitigated by playing with a controller. Sadly, this wasn’t an option for me, and it didn’t affect my enjoyment too much.

Mobile Gaming without the Fuss
As of this writing, Horizon Chase 2 is exclusive to Apple Arcade, which is a subscription service. That means you technically have to pay up front to play it. That also means that this game won’t have any of those pesky micro transactions that plague many mobile games. For someone like me, this is a godsend. I would much rather pay for a game outright instead of constantly being coerced into dropping more and more money to keep playing. What’s interesting is that it feels like it could have been a game that would squeeze more quarters out of you than Cruisin’ USA did.

The game’s progression feels great in that respect. The game rewards you with medals/stars after each race based on where you placed. You’ll use these to open up more races down the line. It took me a solid two or three hours to get to a place where I felt like I needed to go back and complete races again to unlock more tracks. This isn’t a situasi sulit whatsoever for two reasons. First off, the races are a blast to play. But more importantly, you also earn upgrades after finishing races. When you go back to former tracks, your car’s new upgrades make those races even easier to take first place.

This brilliance makes you feel like a dominating racer for most of the time playing. You know how micro transaction laden games always feel easier at the beginning in order to lure you in? That’s what happens here, but you never have to drop another dime to keep playing. You keep progressing at a satisfying pace, and the fun simply doesn’t get old.

Horizon Chase 2 Final Verdict
I know I won’t sell a lot of people on playing a mobile game if they’re used to playing on console or PC. As good as Horizon Chase 2 is, it probably won’t convince you to start paying a monthly fee for a game service on your iPhone or iPad. But if you’re open to short bursts of arcade racing on your mobile device, this is an easy recommend. It’s one of the best games I’ve had the pleasure of playing on my phone, and I’d call it a good game even if it were on my console. Fans of arcade racers won’t be disappointed. I’m a casual fan, and I found this to be quite the gem.